Chennai, A growing IT hub, how good the city is?

Chennai:A growing city for IT & IT related services, one of the best city in south india
Chennai, A growing IT hub, how good the city is?

Chennai in the recent times has been one of the best cities to reside in, in India. Be it education, food, the cost of living or job; Chennai is the best city to choose for all these factors. It is also recognized as one of the best cosmopolitan cities in the country and the world.

We have many people migrating to Chennai, mainly for job purposes, as it is a great IT hub with decent facilities. This city has the cheapest bus fares, with a great frequency of buses as well. There are great 1BHK housing facilities in Chennai for quite an affordable price too, except in Adayar and Egmore; which are two well known posh localities with huge 3-4 BHK houses and really high rent charges. Mahindra world city is a good gated community with affordable 1BHK flats to stay, and you can get good housing facilities in Anna Nagar and Velachery as well.

Chennai is a city equipped with great schools for kids to go to,and also prestigious colleges. The education here is good, undoubtedly. It has educational institutions in plenty, providing quality education to your children.

Chennai, a place where everything is just soo amazing. The people, the culture, the beauty of the place, and of course, the food over there! It makes a great place for a vacation. So IF you want to plan a vacation in the country, this is the place to be!

Here are a few places which one must certainly visit:

Madras Crocodile Bank

Creepy crawlies are not all that creepy unless we creep them out. Madras Crocodile Bank Trust is a reptile zoo where we find crocodiles that are endangered. Who doesn't get excited to see rare animals, or rather the rarest of the crocodile species?

Marina Beach

You simply cannot call a Chennai resident unlucky, or any person living in a coastal city. Aren't beaches just, WOW?

Ramakrishna Mission

This place is known for how serene it is. You get great books to read, great people to meet and great sessions and events to attend. You can only get better when you visit Ramakrishna Mission.


Bored of that slow, repetitive life? Want to get charged up? Here's a re-energizer. Kishkinta has rides in PLENTY! It's the best theme park in the country as well. So, I think this is something you should have on your bucket list.

The B Bar

For some nightlife, come down here, grab yourself some good continental food and some drinks! This place is great for a lavish dinner.

Saravana Bhavan

Last but not the least, here is a place which is a must visit for every tourist! A Chennai trip without some authentic food is incomplete. Saravana is a place where they make scrumptious South Indian breakfast with some rich spices made by them. *slurp*

The people here are mostly Tamilians who have a strong obsession with their regional language, hence you find a lot of people communicating in Tamil. However, there also are many Chennaites who understand and talk in English, which is a plus point for people from other states to socialize. The culture here is really impressive. People follow certain customs, but also they are open minded. Chennai is also safe for people to stay.


Chennai in the recent times has grown to be one of the best and recognized cities in the recent times, due to the comfort of living is higher when compared to a lot of other cities.It is a city that has almost everything one would look for. People are happy living here, with all the resources in reach.
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